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Fire Department

The Floral Park Fire Department, under the leadership of Chief John Kelleher is all volunteer.  The FPFD is comprised of caring and dedicated individuals who strive to meet the needs of the residents of our Village.

Training for the Fire Department focuses around the makeup of the Village’s residential and commercial properties.  In addition to responding to more than 1,200 emergency and fire calls a year, today’s technological advances require firefighters to be trained in a far more technical capacity.

A Firefighter in Floral Park is required to take on the role of first aid care givers. They are seen as members who have advanced life support technical skills or as technicians.  Other skills needed are good listening, electrical, plumbings, mechanical, teacheromg, and most importantly, neighbors and friends.

A main responsibility of the Fire Department is the prevention of fires. All members are thoroughly trained as fire inspectors. Doing so, enables us to offer advice to owners of commercial occupants and inspections.  This ensures and maintains a safe atmosphere and surroundings for themselves and their employees. Our fire prevention activities do not stop there — the Fire Department provides speakers for civic associations, girl scounts, boy scounts, fraternal organizations, senior citizen groups, and any organization that forwards a request. Each year, our members visit our local schools to conduct fire drills, make inspections as necessary, and provide speakers who introduce the role of a firefighter to our young students.  These activities and more are all part of what we do as firefighters.